Monday, March 31, 2008


had cut my hair d...
my mum said nothing changed aso
take 1-ghosttake 2-wif my cousin
bk to subang d
hv to start to do mgt assignment
due next monday
but the management books in library almost finished d
coz borrowed by other ppl d
we plan to go to pj campus to borrow
coz nid 4 reference books
mcb assignment
duno how to start at all
dying soon
2 days in stw passed so fast
bk to uni life really damn...........

Saturday, March 29, 2008

at stw......

at stw now
nth to do
using bro's laptop to blog now
actually i hv a lot of things hvnt do
many places hvnt go
many things hvnt buy
but dunno y
lazy to go out
juz wanna stay at home
lying on the sofa
didnt bring any book bk
monday mgt nid to write close book essay
hvnt prepare aso
wait to die oni
wed accouting test
i dun wan to go bk subang

Thursday, March 27, 2008


finally i done my marketing assignment
due tmr..
actually i finished it on tues
but after 2 days edited
it had totally done
i had printet out
but hvnt summit to assignIT
still scare
scare of the referencing
next week....
accounting test
then next next monday mcb assignment 1000 words due
next next friday mgt assignment 1200 words due
suffering la~~~~
i dun wan to pass through all this...
i wan holidayssssSSSSSssssss
i nid it
i nid it
i nid itttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tmr is the day
going bk stw
i m waiting for so long times...
1 month didnt bk d since my holidays finished
so excited
cannot wait to sit on my house's sofa n watching tv
cannot wait to 'touch' my piano( touch oni not play)
cannot wait to slp on my queen size mattress
cannot wait to walk around the living room
cannot wait to go to kitchen searching for things to eat
happy la..
really cannot wait
random pics....
playing DAYTONA while waiting for the movie-ah long pte ltd
these are wat we have did in our room..haha

Thursday, March 20, 2008


assignments are calling me d
mkt assignment due next week
follow by mgt, mcb, ada assignments
going to die
i hvnt start at all
the article aso have not even choose yet
uni life...will kill me soon
i dun even knw wat to do
mkt quiz tmr
hvnt read
sick d
no sound at all
went to sunway yesterday
regret that didnt buy the bag
i will be bk there n buy one...
i knw u love tat bag more than urs
admit bah...
i will CONSIDER to exchange wif u one..
consider la..
count down for next fri
i wan bk stw
cannot wait the day coming
i dun wanna live in this stressful place
full of assignments, quiz, test n etc..
i hate it~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

dying soon~uni life...sux

started our tutorial class this week
i just knw 4 ppl in this class
seems like this class ppl r good in eng, hardworking summore
1st tutorial management
miss suh zean
quite friendly
but she said every week we have presentation for the tutorial works
dying mannnnnn
2nd tutorial
ADA stand for accounting, decisions and accountability
the tutor not very fierce but she din kidding at class aso
not fun at all
form 3 ppl in a group
do workshop...decision case n bla bla bla
every week aso like tat
marketing tutorial hvnt attend
dunno the tutor friendly or nt
dunno she is fun or nt
y uni life like this?!?
this week is MCB block lectures
MCB is managing communication in business n not others~!!
lectures until 7pm aso
but we did ponteng
raining almost everyday in the evening
n now...
raining again
this sem will be tough for me i think
full of assignment
due date in week 4, 6 or bla bla
test in week5 aso
which mean the week after i bk to stw for qing ming
ms alice-our marketing lecturer
organising dunno wat activity
genting one day trip
held on 29th march n 12th april
i cant make it on 29th n i think she will ask me to join 12th april..
she told us the transportation fees were free at first
after tat she said wat buffer lunch la...buffer tea break la...
cost rm 150..but taylors subsidies every unisa students n we nid to pay RM75
damn expensive
rm75 is just for dunno wtf activities n buffers oni
if we go genting by our own n overnite there
included theme park ticket, accomodation, transportation
just oni costs us RM40+++
i dun wan to go la~~~
y we must go??!
any fun there?~

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

1st week lectures of unisa

lectures until 7pm...
feel like dying...
duno wat ah mo talking about
commerce...i hope tat i wont choose the wrong way
marketing lecture
nth to say
the lecturer
looks so chuan~!!!
keep on said we will going to fail if we didnt do this this this n that...
siao siao
stress la.......
she think we r genius meh
one more thing
when she talking she dun looked at people
she looked at the floor
sumtimes she will close her eyes when talking
seem so NO manners la

this speed test
higher than cheng shing hui

63 words


Saturday, March 1, 2008

bk to subang

went to neway wif szian, hui, phang,chris n giant
omg....this was our secret...keep it in mind..haha...
orientation of unisa
damn boring
sitting in the lecture hall listen to tat ah ma talk talk n talk
pretending listened to the speech
hahaah mo giving speech but we were busying cam whoring
finally orientation was finished
next week start our lecture
monday n tuesday lectures til 7PM
4 hours listen to tat ah mo again

b4 finished holidays..

phang went to stw
we went to pangkor
see pics ba...haha
pics wif wen n phang in teluk batik

edited by wen...haha...phang's face so funny..haha
view of teluk batik
aunty's family caught so many crabstook pics wif the small crabs
we found crabs aso..haha...
this indian kid so cute mannnn..haha...
went to eat ais kacang after teluk batik
the another day
on the way go to play bowlingplaying poker at my house

sorry for late update^^

long time didnt update d...
almost one month
cny+holidays at stw
lazy to update
cny eve
bbq at grandmum's house
my chicken wing..haha
firecrakers in my taman
went out yam cha wif wen,abu,julian n my cousin around 3am juz bk home..
cny chu yi went to church...
we went to many frens' houses bai nian
gambling aso...
pkl's birthday at cny chu yi...
CNY chu er
gathering at yinghao's housethey were 'lan du'
ap kia was busy bbq-ing
showing our backside.waahaha
holidays in stw
went to play bowling
sagao played bowling's pose so pro...
playing kite in astaka..

our rm6.8 kite...cannot fly one...haha...
yinghao wif the kite..he was so sad coz the kite cannot fly..haha
this was the kite tat a malay sold to us one.
he saw our kite cannot he sold his extra kite to us
so paiseh..haha
xiao wen n me at astaka