Sunday, November 15, 2009

recent life

almost half year didnt update alr
this blog is full of mould
finally i m here
time really flies
my last post is my 3rd sem break
now is my 4th sem final alr
3 more days we having our 1st paper FA3
its really scary
sleep also conso
eat also conso
everything also consolidation
why why why?
hope tmr is 26 nov
then we all can slp really well
juz dreaming la

dear beloved jesus,
i pray for every UNISA student,
pray that u give blessing to every student who having final exam and get good result,
thanks god for guiding us all the time.
in jesus name that i prayed

Saturday, July 4, 2009

july sem break part 1

2nd july
finished our last paper-introduction to law
we all competing see who can copy more in the exam hall
coz its open book
after the paper
we went to one u and sunway pyramidleehee n i while trying the short pant in hangteng
its cheap
juz rm 23 i think
but i didnt buy
the night itself
lubing them came to find us to discuss about the course in unisa
maojie so pro
like from dungun come kl yam cha
didnt bring anything also
after lu bing them back
we chat here n there until 2am sumthg juz slp
then 5.30am wake up prepare ourself to GENTING HIGHLAND
ngieng zaclan = ah lan kia
who very pity rushing for his assignment while all of us went to sleep
see he so serious doing the assignment which due on fri
this is the place for ap kia sleep
pity 2 of them
the next morning which is 3rd july-friday
we woke up damn early to prepare ourself
we depart from house around 7.15am
looks like selling myvi
we reached genting around 8am
then we went to eat breakfast at old town
before go in theme park
here is the group pic
but ah lan kia spoilt the pic..see his face so yong sui
we planned to play some game that not very 'chi ji' 1st
we passed by pirates train then we chosed that
this game is really very the INTERESTING la
go have a try when u go theme park
its a MUST TRY game
group pic except greg who is the cameraman
he cant play this game becoz overweight
this 2 guys like to gay together
dunno y
but ap kia...its really girlish wif the flower
u got the potential to become girl
wat pose also got when we played this game
damn funny la
4 of them in 1 boat at indoor theme park
heehee's converse and my new bought everlast shoes..
after lunch we went to play bowling
wif the bowling
wah..greg bowling style so man lo~ hahaha
see this ss= jin shen ku .....sure go long kang de la
ah lan kia keep on complaint that he dunno how to play
see his pro style..but go into longkang also...wakakakkaka
after bowling
we went to play xxx dunno wat name
ahlan kia said he wish to play so much
y u all halang him?
ap kia cicak style
giving some advise before go up
this pro cicak man~ can go act movie lo
ah lan kia so cacat la
see...ah wong...cacak also..wakakkaka
me...i knw cacak too
group pic except la ba ku n jin shen ku
wong n meeeeee
heeee n meeeee
wong n heeeeeeee
greg n mee
greg n ah lan kia
wong n greg
heee n greg
heee n ahlan kia
ah lan kia n meeeee
ah lan kia n ah so messy lo wong wong
he keep on asked us take his solo pic...beh tahan ah~
we like this pic very much~ hahahaha
cucuk ppl hidung...haiz..pity the girl
sangat miang la
kiss ppl pula
after camwhoring
we decide to go play bumper car again
its really excited when all of us bump together
omg..ah wong
wat so surprise?? haha
bumper car there many ppl queue up
so we give up n cam whore again
after indoor camwhoring
we went to outdoor take some pic also
we all walking also many style~ hahamist alot there...take 1
take 2
take 3
ss n meeee
heeeeee n sswe very busy view the photo that we took~ hahawat so interesting there??
shuz n ssssssss
ah lan kia solo pose again~ hahahhaa
so handsome mo~ waakakakakka
emo pose of our big bose greg
he brought us alot of hapiness in genting
though some time he abit childish
all of us very enjoyed in this 1 day genting trip
this is the last trip for ah lan kia n greg
coz they going oversea at august
good luck in future~
may god bless all of u~
stay turnned~
part 2 soon~