Tuesday, June 23, 2009


damn 1st paper-MA
total blank when i get the question paper
some quite similar wif review question
but i still cant find out the figure
total lost~
20+ marks leave blank
no time also~
pray hard that will pass la
i dunwan to see apek lim again~
i dun wan to do this exam again
i dun wan to do the assignment again`
really have to pray hard~
in jesus christ name...amen~!

Friday, June 19, 2009

exam exam exam

friday alr
3 more days to go
we r sending to the hell of exam hall
y management accounting so damn hard?
how? who can save us?
god pls guide us

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

nympha farewell 9/6/09

our dear ex-housemate nympha low is back from tawau to kl
zac was so happy because nympha came back to here
we went to farewell wif nympha at YUEN steamboatas u all can see
they bully me
ask me to be maid there
i was so serious peeled the prawn
zaclan was very serious too
this 2 dunno wat happen~ haha
looks so shock~
the uncle behind so funny~ haha
sorry la greg~
u r funny also in this pic
hee hee n me~
ah wong n vy vy
the hardwork of ah wong~ haha
group pic at YUEN before chao~
group pic take 2
after YUEN we went back home celebrate nympha early 21th birthday
pandan cake wif the magic candles
nympha looks excited wif the magic candle though she was scare at tat time
lighting the candles
she was so excited shaking her body while we singing birthday song to her
she feel like crazy wif the magic candles
looks so tired~
pity her
after few minutes she finally blow off all the magic candles
good job~ haha
beh tahan his pose la
so cc~ haha
dun think you very man ok?!
group pic take 1
group pic take 1
the girls except Hannah~
the boysss
cutting the cake
pity her
after the birthday cake part, we continue our night in my rooms
this is nympha before 21 years old
drink soya, 100plus and eat snack
somemore use coins oni to play the mahjung
however, when she turns into 21 years old
she start drink beer
and use big cash to play
she was trying the beer
greg was enjoying his beer
the beer and vsoy~
me wif the beerssss
wuliao lo
here is our HANNAH DOH - nympha's cousin
she win alot in our game~
so pro~
tat's all for now~
study study study
final is coming soonnnnn

Monday, June 8, 2009

1 day cheras trip~

as beng nid to go cheras gv back the laptop to his sis,
so we went to cheras find ap kia for lunch and dinner at cheras*
we went to eat bak ku teh there
as we dunno wat to eat
tat ap kia la
stay cheras for so long time d
dunno wat to eat aso
but compare wif ss14 de bak ku teh
i still prefer ss14 de
after bak ku teh
beng went to wash his car by using the machine
so scary, yet excited~
ap kia said the mines is very near
so we went there shop around
but nth to see also
we went back to cheras around 6pm sumthg
lepak around apkia's house then we went to ampang look out point
so-called small genting
the view there is nice
unfortunately we didnt bring any camera there
so we juz can use hp to take some pics
hahalook at his funny face
beng is too dark until cant see him
2 bro like wanna fight wif ppl
while taking phone
i like this pic~
enjoying the view
dunno wat pose~
pic of 3 of us before chao~
here is the 1 day cheras trip~
though is quite lame~