Monday, October 27, 2008

meet up wif mum they all
hv lunch in ss2 dai thong restaurant
dim sum there okok oni...
i dun like the taste
i dun understand y it is so expensive
i m busying cousin so cute
kok's sis
grandma, jiu mu, n another kok's sis
hoho....triple kelly~
after dai thong we went to mid valley n the garden
shop until 8pm juz bk home
sunday morning
eat red wine noodle soup
then all ppl sitting living room chit chat
tricycle n bicycle looks real
though there r fake one
celebrate grandma's birthday at oriental pavillion restaurant
they r preparing 'peking duck'
delicious peking duck
my sharfin soup
nice mannnnnn
fried fish with pamelo
lobster with fried egg
looks yucky but taste ok
all r mushroom
got another fried noodle wif the peking duck meat
dun hv the pic
my mum n i
small small cream puff
the cake in fridge
untied the box
mango cake
small kids n old kids
cant see johny
finally all inside
kok's family
except da yi n xiao jiu
kok's family take 2
singing birthday song
blowing birthday cake
cutting cake
grandma with kelly
pearly n i
looks blur
no technique
happy birthday once again grandma ~
here goes my weekend wif kok's family
went to pizza celebrate phang's birthday
although his birthday was on 22th..
we went to RT pastry there to buy birthday cake
the service there really sux
buy a cake aso nid to wait very long time
thx phang for treating us pizza hut...
we chit chat then headed home around 10pm
the mocha walnut cake
phang wif his cake
looks at his ugly smile
trying to get out the candles
group pic
happy birthday to musang phang~

Thursday, October 16, 2008

sushi king got promotion
rm2 per plate
i like the 'wai tao'
but i didnt buy
coz very expensive
but i regret now
i wan go buy~~~
szian n i went to leehee's house play
i help her n nympha do the curly hair
leehee help me do
looks mature right?
but i quite like it

last weekend
went out wif stw gang
we enjoyed this 3 days trips very much
although there r not many places we went
but we enjoyed the time we chit-chat around n cam whoring~
hui, apong kia n me headed to sungai wang around 2pm
we shop shop n shop
meet lai they all in klcc for movie
quite funny though keep on singing
3 of us waiting for the ktm in subang station
in klcc LRT station after movie
the second day
lai they all follow us bk to subang
we went sunway
after tat went to YUEN steamboot to hv our dinner
there's the place where we started to camwhoring n syok sendiri-ing
group pic inside YUEN
few of us in front of YUEN
gal's power
7 of us syok sendiri-ing
after YUEN we headed to ridzuan-hong's place
after tat
went old town yam cha n celebrate laishao's birthday obn 12/10/08
happy birthday again to lai shao
the detail pls view BUFFALO HUI