Monday, July 14, 2008

12/7/08 saturday
went to play badminton
we book 2 court 2 hours
but we r not using the full 2 hours
the another court
many aunties and uncles
they juz got one court
we 6 ppl take 2 court

ying hao so mannnnn~
saturday night
went to cinema to watch JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH
we 9 ppl go
but apong kia do nt have the chance to watch
becoz of the careless of the cashier
hong n beng watched this movie before
they keep on telling us the story n scream there
so paishe
after movie went to mcd~
sunday night
ah guan ask us out for dinner
1st round~marrybrown
2nd round~pundut there de mee
3rd round~nasi kandar
4th round~mcd
wil become more fat n fat la
everyday go out supper
this is mcd onion ring that bought by ah guan
but he cant finished it~
no body help him coz we were very full
miss tan ching huai designing her tissue bra~
this is her 'jie zuo'
pui yeen n chinghuai going to open a company which make square size bra in future

this is the sample~

wtf bye~

Saturday, July 12, 2008

holiday in stw

the 1st week holiday in stw~

cheng shing hui....i found this tom yan seafood mee...dun envy ya...hahah
cut my hair...nth change~

neighbour n i
siao zha po ng pui yeen kepo at my house~

went out yam cha wif guan~
p/s: juz he n i
wahahahhahasstw mcd~
the pics below is sum nanhwa student who get hair cut by principal
so he beh song
go behind nanhwa's wall there write sumthg not nice scold principal~
nowadays students so bad la~
but quite funny
tiu xiu aso write la
this is ong pek (ong han lin) who very sad seeing the wall
this siao zha po...played children playground
therefore knocked her head

we r too free

went to pantai juz for EAT


going play badminton later

will update next time i got the mood~

late update of genting trip 3-4th july 2008

after final exam
the next day 6 of us went to genting
leehee, szian, shu zhen, phang, chris and me...
here is the pics...

before going...infront of my house

at subang ktm station
szian n i.....eating kfc....
phang zhi peng so niang...wahaha...carrying gal's bag
we r the superman...haha
we can fly~haha
we cant play theme park...haiz...wat a waste~
leehee, me, szu szian and shu zhen
waiting for the 4D motion movie...
waste our rm8 to watch that ALICE IN THE WONDERLAND
damn not nice....
inside the 4D cinema
genting k box~
szian n i waiting shu zhen finished her singing...
the night in genting
szian n leehee
the 4 of us....

we r so the u all notice that most of the pics juz 5 ppl...
coz miss tan shu zhen she went to shopping in genting
didnt join us
we found a tressure
p/s: leehee asked me to write this...

the second day
going bk to subang~
we can see tat szian was scare inside the cable car~

going bk to subang~

bye bye genting