Saturday, February 2, 2008

1st and 2nd of feb~

1st of feb
woke up early in the morning
around 9am
bcoz got appointment wif boonhua they all at 1015am
i had ready d at 10am
1 msg received
cannot make it at 1015am bcoz boonhua nid to fetch his bro
i was juz like.....erm... wtf....
woke up so the early in the morning
wasted my time
sitting there on9 for 1 n half hours
decided went to have a nap
boonhua called me said he was coming
i sat the ready all my things n waited n waited
after 40mins like that he juz reached
went to sunway
boonhua got appointment at 1pm cut hair
but the stylist cannot make it
so changed to 1.30pm

we went to eat XXL fried chicken which is very the famous in TAIWAN shi lin pasar malam
cost rm5.50
no choice
bcoz we were too hungry
boonhua went to cut hair
the 3 of us...phang, huisan,me were bought drinks n sat there waited for phang's SON mr TUNG BOON HUA
here is the pic while we waiting for boonhua

boonhua found this 'ghost' place which was very few ppl or can say no ppl there to take pics

boonhua, huisan n me...

the 4 of us...pls look at phang n boonhua's yongsui mannnn


sorry ah

juz telling a jk oni...




i m back


my lovely hometown


my lovely home

miss alot

today(2nd of feb)

after fetched my bro to bus station

we went to billion

my mum scared of bring me to shopping centre or shop

she said i m like....erm...

wat things can be eat one sure i will ask her buy


i m the king of the house

damn noisy

my mum said b4 i went bk

dun hv the environment of cny

after i bk


so the noisy



this is me~!!!!