Saturday, December 20, 2008

i cut my hair before i went to kl n SGbefore cut
after cut
then i went to dye my hairafter dyed hair
some say nice some say ugly~
no idea~
i made tang yuan today
in progress
done the hand making
put in n boil
so nice
1 year juz can eat once
yummy leh?
my house small small white christmas tree
went to teluk batik to see sun set wif my mum, bro n his wife n xiao wen
1st day i saw teluk batik packed of ppl
hahawen n i
i like this pic becoz can see our hair colour
take 2
spot the similarity?
our batik pants
my mum n i
take 1
take 2
wen n my mum
tat's all for now 1st
wish me luck for the coming result~

Thursday, December 18, 2008

singapore trip

saturday morning
depart to singapore from subang
around 11.45am
went wif my jiu jiu family
me n kelly wif katherine tortoise
inside the car on the way to SG
reached second link check point around 5pm
then we headed to aunty anne's house
but we lost
reached her house around 6.30pm
the night
we had our dinner at JUMBO restaurant at ECP there
the crab there yummy
packed of ppl there
becoz it was saturday night
after dinner
we walk around the garden there
see ppl playing water ski there
spot the guy who playing ski?
we went to car ride around orchard road
christmas is around the corner
every year orchard road will decorate wif many colourful light
2nd day
around 11am like tat
we headed to pearly's house
had lunch wif her family
after tat we went to BUGIS
BUGIS street looks very same wif PETALLING street in kl
packed of ppl there
walk aso hard
christmas tree view in BUGIS JUCTION
after BUGIS
pearly n i headed bk to ang mo kio
while other ppl having dinner there
i stayed over night at pearly's house
jiu jiu family stayed in hotel
pearly bring me to AMK hub for dinner
we went to FISH&Co
quite famous in SG
3rd day which was monday
pearly n i went to SENTOSA
my mum favourite
reached sentosa around 11am sumthg
1st stop
mouth of the MERLION
head of the MERLION
in the MERLION gift shop
eating jelly fish
but cant reach~
chun gu num 1
chun gu num 2
i m the light bulk disturbing them
pearly with her bird~
siao siao~
image of SINGAPORE
although we did not go in
but took pic outside
next stop
sky tower
be4 go in...take a pic 1st
fake background
inside the SKY TOWER
me wif my husband
pearly love her husband very much
next stop
butterfly garden if im not mistaken
damn geli la the bird~
4D cineplex
camera almost no battery
so not more pic after tat
this is the most fun throughout the whole sentosa
damn scare
coz its open air
finished our 5 games
we took bus to the siloso point i think
saw this peacock
pretty leh
we went to do airbush TATOO
this is mine
this is pearly's one...
after sentosa we walked around VIVO CITY
then headed back to AMK centre market
then went bk home around 7pm
the next day tues
departed from SG to kl after our lunch
then the night itself follow my bro bk to stw~
say bye to SG
thx everyone in SG for the trip~