Tuesday, June 24, 2008

yesterday accounting paper
damn the budgeted income statement dunno how to do
wish i cab get 4 marks on tat question so tat i can pass this subject
god bless me
question 1...worksheet, income statement and balance sheet
i quite happy when i can balanced the worksheet and income statement
when come to balance sheet
tel me WHY
why i cant balanced it wif the changes in equity?
cash flow
cannot balance aso
forgot to plus in the wages expense
the most confident question is num 5
almost same wif seen question
juz the figure different
so happy~
still got 3 more subjects to go~
tmr is marketing
im going to jump from adp soon
11lectures to study
the marketing's book is so thick
wish i can finish it
pls pray for me
goodluck everyone
gambateh unisa students
will be back soon~

Friday, June 13, 2008

went to watch kungfu panda yesterday..
kung fu panda
quite funny
but sometime boring aso
i like panda stomach
comfortable than my pillow~
exam is coming soon
juz started some revision on ada
stayed in room watching drama all the time
next week will be busy week for me
hv to study 4 subjects which many ppl think tat easy but for me is damn hard la...

oh no...my spec....gosh~

random pics

wtf bye~~

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

bro's wedding 7th june 2008

the day before saturday
buffer at my house

cuttie cousin

me n cousin

xiao wen n my cousin
cousin kelly, me n xiao wen

do u knw wat is this?
guess bah...
the wedding day
wedding ceremony in the church

they are singing a song named A WHOLE NEW WORLD

buffer after wedding ceemony at church...
wedding dinner

b4 going to the restaurant

uncle was promoting the food...while the 2 guys behind were fighting...
guest's wishes for the bride and bridegroom...
cutting cake ceremony
singing 伊甸园的誓言.......

敬酒仪式after wedding dinner...
tat's all....