Sunday, May 31, 2009

time really fly
its june d
after 3 weeks my final exam for 3rd sem is coming
scary la
cant play d
really have to study lo
this sem is really tough for us
fa2 n ma n law
dunno how to pass ah
crazy sooonnnnnnn
here is the present for hui
nice leh
happy 20th birthday to CHENG SHING HUI
old d laaaa
miss kl leh??
come shopping la
but wait i finished my final la
we went to ice skating tat day
nympha finished her studies here
she going back to tawau
so we went to ice skating wif her
since leehee is so desperate for it
who knows
most of us first time went there alr knw how to skate
but leehee
went there for dunno how many times d
still cant let go her hand from the wall and skate
useless la
here is the only group pic we took
coz we busy skating and no time for pic
nympha low song qi
who is our beloved housemate
went back to her hometown on thurs
we all feel sad and 'bu xi guan' of her leaving
she is really friendly and always help us
next time we have to go dinner without her d
this is the only pic i took wif her that i only can found in my laptop
we miss u alot~
enjoys ur holidays
good luck to ur further studies to UK

april life~

hey ppl
here is my update
i knw its abit late
nth special on april
rushing for many assignments and tests
tat'y s i lazy to update
here is my april life
see pic bah~
our mini mahjung~
we all addicted to it
and played everynight
xiao wen came to kl to find job
and we went to neway wif phang n jv
see his singing pose...
wat pattern o?
this more worst
looks like he is superstar meh
group pic before chao~
after neway we went to sunway pyramid
once we reached there
we felt hungry
coz after used our energy shout in neway there
so, we went for kfc
its delicious lo~ hahaha
after tat we went for shop around
we went to do temporary tatoo aso
up one 4 leaf is wen one
down is mine one
after tat we went for our dinner at canton-i
after dinner we rushed to city harvest church
to meet up leehee and nympha them
we 1st time went there
easter celebration on tat day
we r high for the young and handsome pastor~